Top 3 Lashes Addictions 

Makeup is an art that is quite personal to everyone and everyone has that one specific thing that they feel thier look isnt complete without. Mine? Lashes!

I love lashes. I would even go so far as to say I am a LASH JUNKIE! I need help, maybe Lashes Anonymous (LA) if thats even a thing.

In the words of Martin Luther King “I have a dream” of one day having my own set of lashes, either a collab with a brand or my own brand. Big fluffy lashes ! Work in progress!

I do have a few favourites in my collection of furry friends. Here are my top 3 lash addictions and why I love them:

1. Nouveau Lashes

Nouveau Lashes is definately my number 1 for so many reasons. Not just because I am a  #Lashgang member but because they are a brand that knows how to make you feel glamorous not just with strip lashes but with a variety of treatments to have you fluttering like a butterfly.

 Vegan and Cruelty Free

The most defining factor about Nouveau Lashes is that they are 100% vegan and cruelty free. That alone is a great reason to love them.

 Like a ninja

The lashes have a beautiful thin band which sits on the lash line completely invisible (like a ninja). The band is flexible enough to mould to your eye shape and you even forget your wearing lashes (until someone asks you where you got them).

It is easy to work with and applies effortlessly within minutes. Like magic!

Top quality

The quality of the lashes are impeccable. Soft, fluffy and dramatic from the naturals to the glamour lashes; there is a wide range of styles to suit you. If you dont like a lot of volume ( I live for volume) then you can go for the natural Style 1 to achieve a natural lash that will have other girls twisting in their socks.

Nouveau Volume Style 2


Lash Treatments 

Nouveau does not only provide strip lashes but their lash treatments such as LVL and SVS are taking over the martket. Giving you lashes which look like your own and beautiful at the same time. Check out the links below for more information on their treatments.

What is LVL?

What is SVS?

I have not had the oppertunity to have the treatments done yet so I cant comment on my own experiance but I am planning on having SVS after seeing other girls have it done. Watch this space for a full review and a vlog on my youtube channel.


Nouveau’s strip lashes retail for £4.95 which is completely affordable, for the quality that these lashes provide I was shocked that they wete so affordable.

By the time you’re done browsing thier collection you will have bought every single lash (im missing the naturals). Thats a guarentee!

The lashes are durable enough that you wont find yourself replacing them often. Savings!!


My biggest pet peeve with lashes no matter how affordable is their durability. I want to know I can wear them at least 10 times before replacing them. With Nouveau that is definately the case, so far as you take care of the lash itself between each wear.

The lash keeps its shape and quality after each wear.

(If you want to know how to care for lashes leave me a comment and ill do a step by step for you) 

The Glue

The glue that comes with the lash is AMAZING!

This is the superglue for all lashes; the comander of all glues. Its called Ultra Bond for a reason because this ish aint coming off. I recommend if you buy a large amount of the lashes buy a big tube of the Ultra Bond, I promise you will use this glue for all your lashes.

I have 3 tubes plus a bunch od tiny ones. Duo wh0?!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

2. Luxie Lashes 

Luxie lashes in Darling

Luxie Beauty is very well known for thier stunning make up brushes but their lashes are equally amazing.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

Luxie is another luxury brand that is vegan and cruelty free but it is also hypoallergenic. I have sensitive, naturally watery eyes so I am very careful about products I use, but I dont have any reactions to this lash which is so important to me.


The lashes are really comfortable to wear eventhough the lash band is a bit thicker than Nouveau Lashes. However, having a thicker band for me means that it takes a little more work to put them on and mould them to the lash line.

You can feel the lashes when their on but once their on, the sheer fact thattheir  stunning will convince you to keep them on.

Luxie Lashes in Doll Face



These synthetic lashes offer a dramatic and glam look even if your going for something natural, you can still feel like a glam queen what ever you choose.

The lashes are not as fluffy and wispy as the Nouveau but that does not take away from the quality of the lash and its ability to look stunning on any look. However there is not a wide choice in lashes on offer.


The one thing I can definately say about this lash is that it is the solider of the lash world. I have literally used my Darlings constantly for several events and they are still in the same condition as the day I bought them. They definatley win on durability.


The Luxie Lashes retail from £7.00 to £9.00 this may seem pricy as far as lashes go but they are durable and with a little TLC you wont need to replace them often.


This is probably the biggest downfall for these lashes, it doesnt come with glue. Glue is important especially tiny glue, the traveling companion of all lashes. I need tiny glue!

You can use any glue, I have used the Ardell glue, Duo and Ultra Bond with these and  they all work well but there is nothing like personal glue.

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

3. P.S Love Lashes (Primark ),cosmetics

Shockingly P.S Love lashes, a brand created by Primark , is not only affordable but they are simply stunning on as well. This was the first ever pair of lashes I bought and I can confidently say Primark is definatly stepping up its lash game.

Vegan and Cruelty Free

I can not tell you if this product is vegan and cruelty free,  I honestly dont know. Primark stand strong with regards to envirmental issues but in all my research I havent found any solid evidence to suggest that they are vegan or crulety  free.


The quality of the lashes are a little on the lower end of the scale compared to the other two brands, however the lashes are still pretty stunning with a wide range of styles to choose from.

They are relatively fluffy and wispy but could do with some attention in that area.

Like a ninja 

The lashes do have a thin band and like the Nouveau that do have the ability to beinvisible  once on but the lashes are pretty flimsy.

I find that the lashes dont have much structure to them which means when putting them on it is incredibly difficult to get them on. Once they are on though they look amazing.


Based on the quality of the lash its safe to say you might manage to get about 3/4 wears out of them even with a little lash TLC. The lash tends to dismantle after a few wears and needs replacing.

The one thing you will start to notice is once out of the box it no longer has a shape, they are literally straight. Annoying!


Out of the three brand this is definately the cheapest, retailing at £1 -£1.50. Considering that they arent as durable as you would like, it wont cost to much to replace.

Its definately a good lash when the emergancy arises.

The Glue 

One word…. crap!!! The glue couldnt hold anything together and it definately wont last all night. What do you expect for a £1?!

Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

I know that there are a million lash brands out there that are just as amazing  but if I took the time to review them all this blog would never end. These are litearlly my go to lashes, ones I have reached for time and time again. 

Till next time!




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