Top Tips and Tricks in Combating Dry Skin in the Winter 

During the winter, once the temperature drops and the humidity levels decline, the drying air leaves our skin feeling dehydrated, dry and in some cases itchy. I have suffered with dry skin all my life especially in the winter months, I find that I have to take extra steps to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated or I get quite itchy

Here are my top tips and tricks in combating dry skin in the winter months:

1. Coconut Oil

I love coconut oil!!! This miracle product is so versatile; you can eat it, use it in your hair, on your skin and it has amazing healing properties, its also thought that coconut oil can help with weight loss.

10 Impressive Benefits of Coconut Oil 

Here are some of the ways in which you can use coconut oil to your skin get through winter:


On a daily basis, in the morning I take a little bit of coconut oil and rub it into my skin before cleansing, I feel that this helps my skin to stay hydrated and moisturised all day long and gives my makeup a flawless and  healthy glow. In the evening I use coconut oil as a makeup remover before exfoliating, this helps to rehydrate my skin after a long day.
Coconut oil helps to break down the makeup and allows the skin to heal, especially if you have scaring from breaks outs, you will start to see this disappear with regaular use (tried and tested). One of my favourite coconut oil brands is Vita Coco; its 100% raw virgin coconut oil , there are other raw coconut oils but I have been using this one for months and I am obsessed with it.


Coconut oil mixed with sugar makes an amazing body scrub to exfoliate the skin in shower, this mixture will give you amazing smooth, hydrated and moisturised skin.  Exfoliating your skin with this home made scrub will get rid of the dead, dry skin and helping to keep your skin moisturised for longer, plus its affordable.

Trick: Exfoliating your skin after shaving or waxing with a coconut and sugar scrub will give you even smoother and healthy looking legs with a little shine. 


As the skin dehydrates during the winter months so does your hair, your hair needs to be hydrated and moistured just like your skin does and everyone knows that coconut oil is amazing for the hair.  I  apply coconut oil in my hair once a week (usually on the weekend) leave it in over night and wash it out the next day. This helps the oil to sink in to my roots and take all the benefits before I wash it out, making my hair smooth, silky and healthy.

Trick: If you have curly, frizzy hair like me use the coconut oil as a hot oil treatment, this will not only make your hair smooth and help tame the fizz you will notice your curls are more bouncy and defined. 

2.Facial Oils 

For those of you with dry skin, facial oils should be an important part of your skin care all year round. I understand that when hearing the word ‘oil’ most people instantly get the picture of greasy skin, but facial oils, if used correctly are produced in a  way which prevents your skin from becoming greasy.

Facial oils are designed to sink into the skin on application and help to hydrate and moisturise the face. Facial oils are a massive part of my skin care and I find that my makeup looks healthy and amazing when apply it underneth or a few drops into my foundation.

My ultimate favourite facial oil is the Clinique Turnaround Revitalising Treatment Oil I find that this has been the best facial oil in helping my skin to heal while making my make up look amazing and glowy. It has helped my skin to be more radiant and less blotchy after a week of use.

Trick: Take a few drops of the oil on your hand and press it into the skin before the foundation for healthy looking skin or for that lit from within glow apply a few drops into your foundation. 

Here are a few of my other favourite facial oils:

3. Moisturisers

One of the most important steps in skin care, no matter what skin type you are is to moisturise on a daily basis. A good moisturiser helps to lock in the moisture our skin needs, especially for us dry skin bunnies. It is far more important to moisturise your skin in the winter when you skin needs that moisture the most.


One of my holy grail moisturiser day or night is the Garnier Ultra Lift Day Moisturiser.


This amazing little tub of goodness provides not only radiance booting formula, but it also has an anti wrinkle (you can never start to early) formula and helps to make the face firmer. I absolutely love this cream and the formula, it is defiantly my go to daily.

Keeping in mind everyone’s skin is different, you can use any moisturiser that works for you, the most important thing is that you hydrate your face daily, especially before makeup application.

As a makeup artist, one of the first things we learn is that for people with dry skin, makeup application without moisturing will only make the foundation cling on the areas which are dry (no matter how expensive your foundation is) this makes the skin look more dry and flaky. #Notonfleek

Trick: To achieve that smooth flawless foundation look, apply a good moisturiser and a primer before your foundation to give an even smooth application. 


Moisturising your body is just as important as the your face, take it from me without moisturising your body you will end up with  dry flaking skin with is defiantly not cute. Dry, flaking and itchy skin in the winter is your body’s way of tell you that it need to be hydrated and it is lacking moisture.

One of my go to body moisturisers is the Body Shop Body Butters, this is an amazing cream for people with dry skin.

The reason this product is amazing is that the formula is creamy and buttery (hence the name) and on application it provides instant long lasting hydration and moisture to the skin all day long. The added bounds of this product is that it comes in so many different scents so there is something for everyone. It also comes in a travel size container so you can carry this in your bag too.

There are other amazing body creams such as; Coco Butter and Nivea but the body butters are my go to cream always.

4. Face Masks 

We spend a great deal of our time mixing with pollution daily and often these toxic element contribute in drying out our skin. Face masks can help to hydrate the skin and aid in making it more supple. A great little pick me up. I usually apply a face mask weekly (a little pamper session on a saturday), but you can apply a mask daily if you have the time to do so.

Masks are great in that you can apply one type or you can multi-mask and apply different ones for different requirements. A great example of  multitasking was demonstrated by Nicole Gurrerio in her video Multi- Masking. There are a number of brands that do amazing masks some of which are a little expensive but there are affordable one which give the same results.

I enjoy sheet masks, purely because they are easy to apply and take off and are quick to do so. One of my most used masks are the Beauty Pro Collagen Masks. These are amazing masks, which use marine collagen combined with vitamins and herbs to help to improve skin tone and even out the complexion.

These masks are suitable for all skin types and come in a range of treatments, but for my dry skin I prefer using the rejuvenating and brightening masks. I feel that after a long week this is what my skin needs and moreso in the winter.

Some of the more affordable brand I like include:

5. Water 

Last but not least and the most obvious is to always stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. As I mentioned before as the air gets cold our skin begins to dry out and the best wat to replenish our body is to drink water.  I mean scientifically proven our body is made up of water.

Well I really hope that helps those of you who are suffering from dry skin or have noticed some peeling around this time of year. There are tons of tricks to combat dry skin these are just some of the stuff that I do to help my skin and I hope it helps you as well.

Till Next Time!



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