How To Get Those Super Fleeky Brows 

I  always get compliments on my brows and it’s definitely the one thing I have spent ages mastering. It is probably the longest part of doing my makeup. (Brow tutorial)

Here is how I get my super on fleek brows.

This is what my brows look like without anything. Neither one of my brows are equal, here is why I fill in my brows:

  • One is rounded and the other has a sharp arch,
  • Sparse brows hairs in the front,
  • My hairs get sparse towards the end of my brows.

Note: Your brows are sisters and not twins! They are not meant to be symmetrical. 

Step 1: Picking your brow product(s) 

There are so many brow products on the market that you can try:

  • Brow pomades;
  • Brow pencils;
  • Brow powders;
  • Brow powder pens.

God!!!! So what do you use? Well that is completely your preference, if you want a more natural brow then go for a powder or a soft pencil or both. These have a nice soft application to make your brows look fuller but yet natural.

If you want that intense Instagram brow, cut to perfection, then use a pomade and a pencil comboination. The choice is yours. My personal preference is a pencil/ pomade combination for my makeup tutorials or just a pencil for everyday.

Tip: Always use a colour which is a shade lighter than your natural hair colour e.g. If you have black hair as I do use a dark brown shade. 

Step 2: Control those brow hairs 

Now that you have picked your brow product(s). Take a spooley (the brush that looks like a mascara comb) and use this to brush your brows hairs in the direction you want them to go.  I brush mine up and then towards the tail of my brows.

After brushing your brows take a tweezer and tweeze any unwanted hairs, this gives a more cleaner look.

Step 3: Create that brow 

I start my brows by using a pencil and drawing a smooth tidy line on the bottom of my brows to begin forming the shape, this give me a guideline to start shaping and filling in my brows.

I then begins  to shape the top of my brows .

Tip: To create the ‘gradient brow’ (light to dark brow) start a third of the way into the brows. This gives you a gradient brow, lighter in front and darker towards the tail. 

I like to create a nice pointed tip at the tail end of  my brow. Usually when I have my brows done I have the technician shape them into a point so that it easier for me to shape my brows later. If you don’t point just follow the natural shape of your brows.

Step 4: Fill in that Brow 

Once you have the shape you want simply fill in the brows, for this you can use a powder, pencil or pomade. You’re choice.

Tip: At the front of the brow lightly fill in the hairs so that it has a gradient and is lighter than the rest of the brow. 

Step 5: Carve  that brow 

To ensure I get a crisp and sharp brow shape I use a concealer ( usually one lighter than my foundation) to carve out my brow. I start at the bottom of my brow using a flat or pointed brush. I continue to carve out the top of  my brows ensuring that the end of  my brow is a sharp neat point. This step helps to clean up the brow and any mistakes you have made while shaping the brow.

Once your happy with the shape, use a buffer brush and blend out the concealer. This it to avoid having harsh lines under the foundation and creating too much texture on the face.

This doesn’t just help to clean up the brow but it also serves as a brow highlight. If your doing a full face makeup look, you can drag this on to the eyelid and use it as a primer. The point of using a lighter concealer on the brow is that it helps to make the brow pop under the foundation.

Step 6: Set that brow 

The final step is to set the brow, you don’t want your brow hairs to move any where all day so to stop this you want to use a brow gel to set the brow.  Two of my favourite brow setting products are:

  • Benefit Ready Set Brow- this is a clear light weight brow gel;
  • Maybeline Brow Drama- this is a tinted brow gel and gives a little bit more colour and definition.

Final Results 

Take a step back and admire your brows, your done!

I hope this was helpful. If you want to see a video tutorial on how I do my brows click the link in the begining.

Unico x

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