#BlogCon London 

I might be new to blogging but the most exciting part of blogging is attending blogging events (is that just me?). I literally scope Eventbrite every week to see what events I can pop into my calendar. I am a total social butterfly.

When I saw Blogcon London (organised by Scarlett London) on Eventbrite  I had to go, I booked my ticket within minutes and it was in my social calendar in November 2016. Talk about excitement.

The best part of going to blogging events is to meet up with other bloggers, meet new blogger and introduce myself to brands. I don’t think blogging events would be fun without my blogger babes ( Amina Ali – Ali & Me, Pao Wong – Pao Loves Fashion and Roxanne – the Beauty Kingdom). These beauties are the reason I get so excited to go, to blogging events.

I think I have made some amazing friends though blogging and  the anticipation of Blogcon London was made greater knowing I was going to get to share it with my blogger babes.

The venue was a great choice, not only was it walking distance from my house but its in the centre of London – The Queen Elizabeth II Centre. The venue was big enough to be a spectical but intimate enough to be able to socialise with everyone including the brands.

It was amazing to have met Scarlett London, who organised the entire event on her own, after taking a long flight back from Miami. (Talk about #Femaleboss). On top of it all she looked amazing, the dress she was wearing was so beautiful,  I think was from Chi Chi Clothing.

The Brands 

After the initial ‘hellos’ ‘omg’s’ and kisses, we took our time to walk around the room and there were some amazing brands with such beautiful stands. I didn’t even know where to begin.

Johnny Loves Rosie 

The first stand to catch my eye, with its beautiful lettering, soft fluffy and shiny accessories was Johnny Loves Rosie. It was definitely the one brand I took the most pictures of, it was literally flatlay heaven.

They had the most stunning peices of jewellery, I was mesmerised by the delicacy of each peice and the presentation of the stand just made you want to hover by it the entire time. I did see some amazing peices for my bridal jewellery which I have every intention of ordering closer to the time so watch this space.

Chi Chi Clothing 

The second stand that I was itching to go over to was Chi Chi Clothing, it was amazing, a spectical in pink. It had the most beautiful dresses right in the front and some stunning shoes and accessories in the back.

In addition, there was a huge mirror which doubled as a camera. You know how much I love a photo booth (it might be a blogger thing). We had to get a group picture. Nothing like a blogger babes picture to place on my blogger wall.

The goodie bag that we got from Chi Chi was so cute, pink with flowers and satin handles. It had a stunning bangle, gold with white pearls and of course it wouldn’t have been complete without a pink bag of sweets. They were kind enough to give use 15% off so I will be taking advantage of that.

I checked out their website as soon as we left the event and I have to say they have the cutest dresses for bridesmaids, I think mine deserve the bests and Chi Chi are definitely the best.

Lola’s Apothercaty & Adorabella Crowns 

I do not even know what I can say about these two amazing brands, but the fact that you could smell the sweet fragrance for floral scented oils and candles was enough to sending me floating over. To top of the sweet scent of flowers, Lola’s teamed up with Adorabella crowns, this was a match made in heaven.

Adorabella adorned the stand with its beautiful flower crowns which were so stunning that you couldn’t help but put one on your head and take a selfie. Which is exactly what I did.  The team were amazing and so friendly, we even got a small sample of the scented oil from Lola’s and a packet of tea to try.

I think I might be slightly obsessed with Adorabella crown, I have even thought about buying a flower crown just to create a look based on it, I mean it is officially spring now.  The problem is which crown should I buy? Why don’t you guys check out their site and leave me suggestions.


The other brand that had me standing in ore was Exuviance, this is a luxury skincare brand which had some really great products displayed. The stand was different from the others, it was a more interactive experience. The lady at the stand definitely peaked everyone interest, not just givingus information on the company and the products, but she asked me what skin type I had and based on my answer she gave me a few products to try.

This year I have been really big on skincare so a good skincare product is what I’m looking for. The brand itself is a luxury brand with a price tag to match, but having tried the Skin Rise Bionic Tonic and the Restorative Evening Complex on my dry skin, I am sold. This brand has the most amazing products that have made my skin look and feel amazing.

Since I have been using it, I am more confident in wearing just powder foundation or even nothing at all. It may be on the pricey side but it is defiantly worth it.


This is another brand that has won over my heart. I had never heard of this brand before Blogcon but I am so glad I decided to follow Amina over to the stand. This another amazing skin care brand, the rep gave a demo of the melting cleansing balm which we got to take home after. I have used this everyday since getting it, it is a smooth balmy consistency which melts away your makeup but once you add water to it, it turns into a milky cleanser and washes off so easily. It has left my skins feeling moistured.

Combining the Merumaya, the Exuviance SunRise Bionic Tonic and the Evening Restortive cream has become my holy grail night time skin care routine.

I love blogger events, not just because the goodie bags we left with were amazing but you really have to appreciate the effort the organiser go through to pull an event like this together.  We didn’t just get to meet brands but we also had the amazing opportunity to meet and hear bloggers such as Carl Thompson, who delivered such an inspiration talk, sharing his tips and tricks.

It was amazing to have been able to speak to him after, I got a lot of great advise from him which I am implementing now.

As a final note I have to say a massive thank you to Scarlett London for such an amazing event. Can’t wait for the next one.

Love you



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