Rouge Velvet: The Lipstick

I was so excited to be have been picked for this months Influenster Voxbox x Bourjois Paris. Its my first one and I think the box lived up to its social media hype. I was so grateful to receive this complementary box from Influenster.

The box itself contains 12 lipsticks by Bourjois Paris known as the Rouge Velvet Lipstick collection. The shade ranges from nude to darker red/browns, it is such a beautiful collection to receive. I also received the Bourjois Paris Miraculous Contour Universal Lip Liner and Primer, which I have never heard of and so was excited to try it.


Lets talk packaging… 

The unit is a plastic coloured tube which reflects the colour of the lipstick inside, I think this makes the unit more appealing and vibrant to the eye. It has the shade name on the back of the tube, with Bourjois engraved into the side and the shade numbers on the bottom of the tube. Best of all it is small enough to fit into your bag. Travel friendly is always the way.

The inside of the unit is a retractable tube with contains 2.4g of product and the tube is slanted to give the perfect shape to fit the lips. This makes for an easy application.

The Miraculous Contour Universal Lip Liner and Primer is a slim plastic retractable pencil unit. It contains 0.25g of white translucent lip liner. I have never used this product before but it feels like a balm on the lips and works in the same way as a regular lip liner, in that it stops the lipstick from bleeding.


The Shades 

The collection comes with 12 velvet lipsticks containing nudes, oranges, reds and brown shades. I think the shade range is great and there is a colour to suit everyone and every mood. I am particularly drawn to the red shades (to the right). I love the colour red, especially the darker ones (autumn colours are my favourite) its going to be prefect for the autumn. The sheer vibrancy of the shades just attract you to them instantly and its hard to find one that I don’t like. I like them all!


Not only are the shades amazing when they are swatched but they have really cool names as well. I think my favourite shades of the collection (and this was really hard to determine) are:

  • Hey Nude;
  • Hyppink Chic;
  • Braque-A-Brac;
  • Joli Carmin Ois;
  • Rubis Cute.

These shades really call to me from the moment I saw them. I instantly swatched Joli Carmin Ois, being a beautiful orange red. Its a really classic colour.

The Formula 

The most important part of a lipstick for me is the way it feels on the lips. These lipsticks are true to its name, they have a velvet texture and are very pigmented, so pigmented that when you wipe them off it stains your lips. I don’t know about you but I like that about a lipstick. If I eat I want the colour to remain.

The formula is not drying on the lips at all, they are actually quite moisturising considering that they have a matte finish and I do love a matte finish on the lips. The units do state that they are conformable on the lips and last for up to 24 hours, I would agree with this. As I mentioned above even if you wipe them off they do stain the lip, and they are extremely comfortable to wear. Even when touching up the lipstick, they do not become crusty or lumpy like some formulas do, which is a definite benefit of these.

The one negative that I have about the formula is that it transfers, so its not kiss proof.  However, when you look at this in comparison to the level of pigmentation it gives, we could assume that this is small price to pay. I personally don’t think that the transfer bothers me as much because of how amazing the formula is, but this is personal preference.

Final thoughts … 

For my first voxbox I am so impressed and very happy with the content. I have used Bourjois products for years and I think out of all of the lip products that they have released, they out did themselves with this collection.

I do love all of the shades in the collection and enjoy the way that they feel on the lips. I would happily wear these all day long because they are so comfortable to wear (you can barely feel them). I also love the fact that the colours of the lipsticks is reflected in the packaging which make it such a beautiful product to display and show off.  It will definitely sit proudly amongst my makeup collection.



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