X115: New Anti Ageing Product?

As I get older, I think I have become more aware of how my skins ages. It’s inevitable! so why not start taking care of your skin now and fight the signs of ageing early.  I have been using anti ageing creams for a year now, I mean a great defence is a good offence (or something like that).

X115, is an Italian brand which have developed the ‘Antiage System’, which provides a powerful and revolutionary formula to fight the signs of ageing. It is intended to protect, nourish and repair dehydrated skin and fight wrinkles, but what makes this product different from all of the others?

New Generation Cream (Single Dose for Women)

The Antiage System  offers two distinct formulas; one for men and one for women. Each distinct formula is developed for the needs of the female and the male skin types, but it is not just a cream, it is combined with an anti ageing supplement as well. It’s a system which works on the inside as well as the outside.

I was a bit sceptical about drinking the supplement, so X115 sent me the single dose generation cream to try. The box I received contains 15 doses of product, intended for single use (female of course). The cream stimulates collagen and elastin and stimulates skin cell renewal, which is what you would look for in an anti ageing product. I did like the individual bottles, which contained enough product for the whole face, in one use. It is travel friendly and the packaging is a pearly and simple design. However, they have a larger bottle for those who prefer that.


The product itself is a yellow coloured cream, which has a thick consistency. It has a faint scent which almost reminds me of the E45 cream, the consistency is similar to that if not slightly more fluid. There is enough formula in the bottle to cover the entire face and it is extremely hydrating on the skin. I have dry skin, so for me the thick formula works perfectly in providing my skin with the moisture that it needs.

The formula contains argan oil, shea butter, avocado and acai oil, this would explain why the consistency is thick and how it provides that level of hydration. I used the product for 5 days and I feel that it hydrated my skin immediately, it was also great to wear under my foundation as it becomes sticky on the skin, almost like primer.  It does make my make looks smooth and flawless.

The product claims that it will make the skin more toned and find it natural contour, however, in the 5 days that I used this product, I can say that my skin feels hydrated and looks healthier ,but I do not feel that my skin is more or less toned than it was before I used the cream. That is not to say that this may not be the case everyone, but this is my personal experience with this product. I do still have 10 doses left, so maybe that may make all the difference.


All in all I do think that this is a good product for dry skin, it would be good to know if this works well for oily skin considering that it is quite thick. I like the fact that it makes my skin look healthy and dewy under my foundation.

I would recommend this to my mum, who is at the age where her skin is loosing its elasticity and then see of this works to tone her skin, in fact I think I may let her try the last 10 bottles and see what she thinks.

Where can you buy this?

You can shop on their website www.x115.eu or they also carry the product on Amazon.*



*this post is not sponsored, therefore I do not make a commission if you click on the links contained in the post.

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