PROMA Kit Launch Party x AbbieMayMUA

The one thing that I love about being a beauty blogger is attending events. To most people attending a networking event can be daunting, but I love them. I get to meet new people, brands and really put myself out there.

Launch parties are my favourite, I love being the first to see a new product, interacting with the creator and having the opportunity to buy the product first.

Promo Kit Makeup Bag 


Promo Kit launched with a premium makeup kit bag for professional makeup artists. The bag is intended to keep pencils, liners and mascaras organised within your professional makeup kit.

It has six sections which help to protect your pencils, liners and mascaras from damage. The bag itself is clear, which makes it easy to see its content, as a makeup artist that is really important. Though its aimed at professional makeup artists, I think the product is so versatile that anyone could use it. The bag itself retails on their website ( for £24.

I think that the product is really useful, as a makeup artist myself, a bag like this keeps everything organised within your makeup kit (which probably has a ton of other products in). I can tell you that having a million pencils, from lip liners to eye liners mixed in with mascaras and liquid liner can get a little unorganised and messy in a kit. This is a great solution to that.  What I also love is that fact that you can clean it easily and more importantly its hygienic.

The last thing a client wants to see is a makeup artist with an unorganised and unhygienic bag.

The launch party… 


As I mentioned the best thing about networking events is meeting different brands, which you may not have heard of before and all the shows, demos and Q&A’s that are organised throughout the night.

Sponsored by Glam Glow and NYX 

The moment that I read that the event was sponsored by these two amazing brands, I hoped that their products would be available at the launch party to buy.


I have never had the opportunity to try Glam Glow but I have heard so many positive things about this brand, so to see a full size jar in my goodie bag, I was jumping for joy.

T.W.O.K London 

One of the most amazing brands that I met that night was T.W.O.K London, a beauty brand that aims at women of colour (Full blog to come).


Foundations are a staple part of any makeup application, so I think I definitely have more than I need. However, when a women who looks exactly like Lauren Hill, with her beautifully smooth skin tells you that she is wearing this foundation, there is only one thing left to do; buy it!!

I bought the shade 110 at the show, it is hands down the most amazing foundation I have tried in a long time. Medium/ full coverage and competes with the MAC Studio Fix foundation. The ladies from TWOK were amazing, really informative and friendly as well.

Konjac Sponge Co. 

This brand literally intrigued me to their table, I was so curious about the products that they had displayed. I had never see anything like it, or even heard of anything like it before.


When you look at this product, you immediately ask ‘what is that?’. This strange stone looking product is a facial sponge made from vegetable fibre.

It is firm to touch initially but as soon as you wet the sponge it has a strange ‘squishy’ texture, almost like you pulled a sea creature out of the sea. The lady at the stand was kind enough to test the sponge on my hand which left it so soft and smooth to touch.


They also come in these cute boxes and have different themes, who wouldn’t want to buy it. I was so excited when I got a mini one in my goodie bag.

House of Glam Dolls 

This is another brand that I have never come across, but having added them on Instagram I guessed they had a pretty good product, so naturally I had to swatch the life out of everything on the table.


They had a range of products which looked amazing. There were so many different colours and products to try. The foundation was another one that was full coverage and they had a mixing medium to boost the longevity of the foundation as well. This is definitely a brand  to watch out for.


Abby May MUA 

As a makeup artist you aspire to be like those who have successful careers in the industry and so to meet Abbey May was a dream come true. Abbey May is an amazing fashion makeup artist (a career I hope to enter one day), and she is someone who I look up to; having had the opportunity to speak to her, ask her questions and watch her work was the best thing that could happen to me.


She did a live demo of a look she had done at a fashion show on her stunning model, she even used TWOK, which as you can see looks incredible on the skin.  It is nice to see an established makeup artist using products and show you how to apply them to get that editorial look.

Lets not forget to mention that the DJ on the night (I wish I had his name) was so good, it made the evening even better.

Final thoughts…

The biggest advice I could give to anyone who is aspiring to be a blogger is to attend as many networking events as you can. It is honestly the best way to meet people, make strong connections and put yourself and your work out there, for  people and brands to see. Their is nothing like having a personal connection with people.



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