Lost My Glam Glow Virginity

Who in the world does not know about Glam Glow! Even though I have heard of this brand being spoken about on every Youtube and social media channel, I had never tried it myself; not because I had didnt wanted to but because up until recently, it was harder to get this in the UK. Shipping cost are murder.


Boots, I believe are the only place in the UK that I know of that carries this brand, it retails at £42.00 for 40g jar. Making this a luxury brand with a price point to match, so I can understand why a lot of people would be hesitant to buy it. However, it does come in a small, travel friendly jar which is slightly cheaper.

I was so excited to see this beautiful tub in my goodie bag from the Proma Kit launch party (blog on the launch can be found on my page). I have always wanted to try this mask, but since it is pricy I have had to think a hundred time before buying it.

The Treatment Masks

Glam Glow has 6 different treatment masks based on your skins particular needs. I was given the Youth Mud (at my age that is a gift), which is a weekly tingle exfoliating treatment. It targets fine lines and refines the texture of the skin. These masks are for both men and women, I mean why should men not have amazing skin to.


The Youth Mud contains green tea leaf and chamomilla ,which helps to leave skin smoother and brighter.

The consistency of the mask is really nice, its thick and has small exfoliating grains within it. When you remove the mask (after it has completely dried), it exfoliates the skin with the small particles contained within, it feels amazing on the face.

You only need to apply a thin layer of the treatment all over the face, leave it for 10 minutes to dry, before washing it off. When you first apply the treatment, it instantly tingles the face, the sensation is so nice (like tiny fingers massaging the face). It does not just stop there, but continues long after it has been removed. I think this is what makes this product so unique.


While it dries, you can feel the skin tightening which I am sure helps with smoothing out the fine lines. To top it off I love the smell of this product, it has an extremely natural smell to it.

Once I have washed it off, I do find that it brightens my skin and my skin is definitely smoother than before applying it. I use the mask once a week as it suggests, usually on a Saturday as way to pamper myself, it makes a great addition to a mini facial at home.

Final thoughts…. 

I can see why everyone raves about this product, the price point is a bit high but the benefits of the product speaks of itself. It makes a great addition to my weekend facial routine and I use as a way to reward myself after a hard working week.

My skin looks and feel amazing after each treatment and even in the long term I have found that I get a lot less break outs after having used this product for a few weeks. I would love to try the hydrating mask  next as I do suffer with dry skin , I think that it would have more of a benefit to my skin.



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