The Perfect Hair Extensions: Liberty Hair Extensions

Every girl wants amazing hair and makeup on a special occasion, especially when that occasion is her wedding day.  I have never worn hair extensions before, I am more of a wig girl, so when I started looking for hair extensions for my wedding, it was safe to say I was utterly clueless. I didn’t know which brands were good and what to look for.

I knew that I wanted 22″ human hair extensions because I wanted length, more thickness to my already think hair and I wanted it too look like my own natural hair. I was advised by a blogger friend that Remy Human Hair was the way to go. Through a method of trial and error (a very expensive error), I learnt I needed to buy 250g of hair to get the look I wanted.


I googled and searched for over 10 different brands, I couldn’t decide which one would work, what the quality would be like and I have to admit it all became a little bit overwhelming. I feared spending £100 on hair extensions and then being disappointed when they arrived. I had to be careful about what brand I choose.

However, just like with a lot of the stuff I have acquired for my wedding (and it is a lot), I  came across Liberty Hair Extensions on Instagram. I looked through all of the ranges and styles they have to offer. It was great to see all of the natural multi – tonal shades they had to offer, there is literally a shade for everyone. I read the reviews and watched Youtube videos before completely feeling like I had found the ‘one’.


Photo by Liberty Hair Extensions

Liberty Hair Extensions are extremely luxurious, sleek and luscious, I ordered the 22″ 250g set in Ebony (I think – Black).  I bought mine for £103.00 (on sale), which for Remy human hair was the cheapest I found for the length, weight and quality.

If your like me then one of the things you would have thought is, how do you get human hair? The hair is ethnically sourced – from this I assume it is hair which as been donated, which is very important, and from the feel, texture and quality if the hair you can tell instantly that it is human hair.

Photo by Liberty Hair Extensions

Each weft comes with sturdy metal clips pre sewn on, the clips are held with a silicone strip which grabs on to your natural hair and stops it from slipping and damaging the hair whilst being worn. They were extremely comfortable to wear and they didn’t pull or tug on my hair the entire time I had them in. I even forgot that I had the hair extensions in.

Its important if your new to hair extensions that when you wears them, they are seamless (you can see the tracks) and they allow you to forget that you have them on. They honestly felt like my own hair and I got a ton of compliments from my guests.

Photo by Treefr0gg 

I cannot express just how impressed I was with these extensions, especially because they were easy to put in (I did my own hair and make up on the day), they stayed in all day with no movement and they looked so natural.

The extensions are so smooth, sleek and shiny. I was able to curl them with Amika curlers, so applying heat to them is no problem. The Liberty Extension’ website provides you with care instructions for your extensions, so that you can get the most out of them. Its amazing to know that you can wash and condition the extensions, just like with your own hair, so your getting the most for your money.

Photo by Liberty Hair Extensions

It is not just the extensions themselves that had me impressed, but the packaging it came in was stunning. It came in a sleek black box with a ribbon and screamed luxury from the time of delivery.

For a customer, it speaks a 1000 words about a brand, when from the first moment you receive the product you can see the amount of effort the brand has gone through to give you luxury and quality. This was definitely the case for Liberty Hair Extension’s, I felt like the money I spent on this product was worth it.

Photo by Liberty Hair Extensions

I would 100% recommend these extensions to anyone who is looking for luxury and quality. In fact, want to buy another set of the extensions for my indian wedding as I need a little bit more thickness, I have no doubt that these are the extensions I want to continue with.



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