Top Skincare Products of 2017

The older I get the more I worry about skincare and the products I use. With extremely sensitive skin and allergies to everything in life, I tend to stick to the products I know work for me and those which are organic and natural (most of the times).

So! Lets talk about the products that I have been loving/ obsessing over the last year.



I have been using Exuviance for the longest out of all of the products featured in this blog. It has changed the way my skin looks and feels over the past year, from being dry and flaky to smooth and hydrated.

Exuviance is a dermatologist developed skincare line and its strange but knowing that this range is created by  skincare experts gives me a sense of confidence in the brand and their products.

I do have to disclaim that this brand does have a price tag attached to it and in my opinion I would say this is a luxury item. To further confess, though I am not sponsored to write this segment on Exuviance, I did receive these products after a brief consultation at a Scarlett London Blogging event last year.

As I mentioned above, after a brief consultation about my skin type and the issues I was having at the time, the sales agent gave me a full bottle of the SkinRise Bionic Tonic  (£43.00) and the Evening Restorative Complex (£42.00). I have incorporated the SkinRise into my morning routine and the Restorative Complex as part of my evening treatment.

The SkinRise Bionic Tonic is an amazing cleansing/ toning pad which feels like a serum on the skin. I use it after I have washed and dried my face in the morning and it leaves my skin radiant and healthy looking. I don’t know about you but I love products which smell good, its an added bonus for me. This products smells divine, with a mix of eucalyptus, cucumber and green tea, it has an amazing fresh scent.

Everyone knows that to get amazing looking makeup, your need to have good skincare and this products works amazingly with makeup applied on top of it, it gives a beautiful dewy, lit within glow to the foundation.

The Restorative Complex is part of my evening skincare routine, as this is a night treatment cream,  after I have washed and cleansed my skin. I apply the cream, which has an amazing thick consistency, to my face before going to bed and this really helps to repair my skin at night. Over the last year, I have noticed that my skin is more supple, firmer and radiant after using this treatment.

Overall, both products are amazing as a combination for dry skin. They do carry a hefty price tag but the products last months before you have to re-stock. Honestly, these are the same bottles I received a year ago and I am only now needing to buy a new tub off the SkinRise. The evening restorative is still going strong.

Quick Fix Facial: Exfoliating Mask 


One of the skin care concerns I faced in the last year was blackheads and clogged pores and the only way to treat this is to deep clean your skin.

I discovered the Quick Fix Facial mask at my local boots, it looked interesting and it was affordable (£4.99) so I thought I would give it a try. It was the best decision I made. Quick Fix has a range of different masks which deal with all type of skin care issues, so there is something for everyone.

The exfoliating scrub mask contains Pink Rose Clay, which helps to deep cleanse and decongest the skin, the Glycolic Acid help to balance out uneven skin tone and the pomegranate extract has antioxidant and anti ageing properties which gives you radiant skin.

The mask itself is thick in constancy and contains small grains which help to exfoliate the skin and unclog pores. It feels amazing and cooling once applied to the skin and once it has dried you wash off the clay in a circular motion to exfoliate and achieve radiant looking skin. The one negative, which is personal to me, is the scent. It has a really strong rose scent which I don’t much appreciate but that is my own opinion because I am not a fan of flowers or flowery scents.

Overall, this mask is not only affordable but its been amazing as a once a week treatment  to keep my skin smooth, radiant and it has minimised breakouts over the past year.

Nip and Fab 

Nip and Fab

After a having the most amazing facial from Seduire London and learning the importance of glycol acid in skin care, I opted to find products which contained pure glycolic acid. It is important to understand the benefits of Glycolic Acid within skin care.

Glycolic Acid 

Glycolic acid belongs to a group of chemicals which can be found in some fruits called AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids). It is beneficial for those of you with dry and dull skin, using glycolic acid daily can help to retexture the skin, providing clarity and firmness by promoting the production of collagen and elastin. This helps the skin to become more supple and youthful.

When I found Nip and Fab Glycolic Fix range, it was straight into my basket. This range of products is huge with a number of different products to try, but I was more interested in the Glycolic Cleaning Fix and the Glycolic Liquid Glow.

I used both of these products as part of my night time routine, purely because once it is on the skin it does tingle and sting a little. In addition, after using glycolic acid you must apply sunscreen before going outside. I tend to forget to do this so for me using it a night with the Exuviance Evening Restorative ensures I wake up with smooth and supple skin.

The past few months that I have been using this product, I have noticed that I have fewer blocked pores and my skin is smoother and firmer. I would definitely recommend introducing glycolic acid into your daily skincare routine, especially if you have dry skin, you will see a noticeable difference within a week of using it daily.

Dr Lipp 

Dr Lip

Your lips are just as important as your overall skin, they need to be nourished and keep healthy.  I have been using Dr Lipp for a year after receiving it in a goody bag and its the best lip product I have used. I use this twice a day, in the morning before my liquid lipstick and in the evening after my skincare routine.

It does say that it is a nipple balm but it can be used on any area which is dry and cracked. If its good for my nipple its good for my lips.

Dr Lipp is 100% natural and it helps my lips stay nourished and plump, especially when I leave it on over night. I love using this before lipsticks to help keep my lips hydrated all day. Its an essential part of my skincare routine.


These are my top products for 2017, you could say these are my ride or die products. My makeup and my skin look flawless because I have a stable skin care routine with products that I trust. That is not to say that I don’t try new products but if I do I replace it with a current product, like for like.

If your looking for new products to try in 2018, I would highly recommend these beauties, it will completely change your skincare game.

X Unico x

3 thoughts on “Top Skincare Products of 2017

  1. I love that you are sharing what products worked best for you! I’m very interested in trying the Dr. Lipp and Quick Fix Facial Mask! It’s always a plus when I get to read reviews of products before trying them. Keep up the great posts!

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