The Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup

My bridal look is one of my most loved looks that I have ever created and from the response I received on my social media and the polls, it was clear that you all loved this look as much as I did.

Here is how I created this look, including the products I used and my tip and tricks to the perfect Indian Bridal makeup.

Just to give you an idea of how long my makeup lasted; I started my day at 4am and had my full makeup completed by 6am. My wedding ended by 12am, I did not once have to touch up my makeup even though I had alot of lights on me and I was dancing most of the night, it lasted 18 hours before I took it off.


  1. Brows

Some people think that it is odd to do your brows first, before your base but I spend the longest on my brows so I tend to do this first.

On my brows I used the NXY Mirco brow pencil in Expresso, I use the pencil to draw the outer shape of the brow and then fill the brow using small strokes to create hairs. This pencil is a really good dupe to the ABH Brow Wizz and it is 100% affordable.

To set the brow, I used the Ready, Set, Brow by Benefit to keep the hairs in place all day. There was no other product that I would have used in replacement of this, its a 24 hour brow gel and I needed to go from 6am to 12am without movement.

Once I am happy with my brows I crave out my brows, this is more to clean my brows up and help them to pop underneath my foundation using the Kryolan Dermacolour Camouflage Cream in DM 1/2. This is a full coverage concealer and is easy to work with, prefect for highlighting under the brow bone and cutting out the brows.

TIP: Generally for Indian bridal makeup the brows are well defined but this is also the preference of the bride.

2. Eyes

Once I have done my brows then the next step was the eyes. I used the following products on the eyes:


Note: To get the sharp neat semi cut crease, I used the Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter to cut my crease. Hold your eyes closed for 4 minutes to let the glitter dry otherwise it will go everywhere.

TIP: Indian bridal makeup genrally requires strong deep eyeshadow work, this is so that the HD Camera used by photogrphers will pick up the colours on the eyes. Some brides may want a more natural look but the shadows need to be worked to ensure the shades are see by the camera.

3. Base

Once my eyes and brows are done my base helps to crease a smooth and flawless finish as well as helps to clean up any mistakes from the eyeshadow.

  • Primer – Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep – this stuff is amazing for dry skin, its mosituring and ultra light weight while still giving you a smooth base to work on. This is my top reccommendation for dry skin.

Creams and Liquids


TIP 1: Indian bridal makeup is usually quite defined when it comes to contouring and blush, so I recommend using a cream contour as a base then going over it with powder to get a more defined contour. Ensure that you blend, blend, blend so that it is seamless.

TIP 2: Dont be shy with the blush, you want it to show up in photos.

Note: A sharp contour is not a bad thing it will look amazing in pictures. However, be sure to ask your bride what she wants.


Once you have placed all of your cream/ liquid products on and are happy with the look, you must set them in place so that they last all day.

Note: If your bride has dry skin use very little setting powder if any, otherwise the makeup will look cakey. Instead swap a setting powder with a setting spray between steps to ensure the longevity of the makeup. Mac Fix Plus is perfect for inbetween setting of makeup.

  • Ben Nye Setting Banana Powder – I only used a small amount of this underneth the eyes to set the concealer and give a bit of highlight to that area. I did not bake my undereyes.

TIP: Use a lighter shade of setting powder (a pink powder works best) for brides with fairer skin. The yellow powder may look a little instense, use this shade on a more brown to deeper skin tones.

4. Lips

The lips are always last, I think that it just ties the whole look together.


Note: Mostly for Indian bridal makeup the lips are red. Some brides, however, may go for a more neutral look and may want a nude/pink lip so its best to have a range in your kit.

TIP 1: For a crisp neat lipstick clean the edges of the lip with a small brush and concealer.

TIP 2: For fuller lips (brides preference) slightly over liner the lips with the pencil before filling it in and add a touch of lip gloss to the middle of the lips.

5. Brushes

I have a deep obsession with the brushes and that may be a makeup artist trait, who knows. I have a few favourite brushes that I could not have completed this makeup look without.


  • Morphe R14;
  • Peach and Pearl – Blush Brush;
  • Morphe E27;
  • Morphe M576;
  • NYX 17;
  • Zoeva Rose Gold – 200;
  • KIKO Eyes – 212;
  • Morphe E19
  • MAC 209;
  • Kryolan Art 8201
  • Beauty Blender.

I was so happy with the final result. My biggest tip with any makeup look you create is make it your own. Everyone has different styles and tricks so do what you feel comfortable with and always ensure you ask your client what they expect and want from their look.

Note: I did change my look for the reception at around 5pm by simply changing the lip colour. This simple step can create a whole new look from the one you had in the morning, especially if you are a bit tight on time.


If you have any tips and tricks of your for a Indian bridal look, feel free to leave them in the comments.



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