Evolve Beauty: Organic, Vegan & Recycled!

I have discovered so much about what my skin likes and it tends to go for organic  products. I find that organic ranges are so much kinder to my skin.

The Evolve Beauty range of organic, vegan and cruelty free products is a discovery from a blogging event, which I have not regretted since picking up the samples. I started using this range as part of my bridal skin care routine.  This is not like any other skin care range that I have ever used or tested.

About Evolve Beauty 

The biggest reason why I love this brand so much is their philosophy ‘ when you buy from Evolve Organic beauty, you are buying a bottle of our care and passion‘ and this is truly the case.

Each bottle/ tub is made in small batches by hand, this means that not only is the product fresh but it means that so much care and attention has been put into it. It’s not mass produced in a factory by a machine, but in a studio, making each one individual and perfect.


Each bottle/tub has the artisan’s name on the label, so you know the hand that made the product. It almost feels like it was made just for you.

Green Science 

Green science is the process of using plant-based products in replacement of synthetic products. It means that the active ingredients in their products are natural and made from plant-based products such as coconut peptides, making it 100% organic and vegan.

They Recycle!

Even the packaging is recycled glass and card.

It’s so amazing that not only have they thought about delivering a products that is organic but they have gone as far as to think about how the packaging can benefit the enviroment.


Evolve Beauty has a large range of products from skin care to hair care. I have only tried their skincare products so I cannot comment on their haircare range. I want to talk about some of my favourite products in the range – I have limited myself to my favourite 3 products.

Hyaluronic Serum 200  – Beauty Awards 2018 Shortlist 


My skin is smoother and softer than it has ever been before after using this product daily. I find that continued daily use of this product has made a noticeable difference to my skins radiance and hydration.

This product is for all skin types and the larger bottle has 200mg of serum (30 ML of product – £30.00). This is a lot of product.  I got my bottle in November 2017 and after using it every morning I am still to buy another bottle – It lasts a long time.

Note: They do have a smaller bottle of 10ml of product at £12.00, if you wanted to try the product before committing to a larger bottle. 

It has a pump which help to control the amount of product distributed and because of the liquid consistency of the product a little (1- 2 pumps) covers the entire face.

Along with hyaluronic acid, which helps to hydrate your skin and helps reduce wrinkles. It also contains pomegranate extracts, this helps to regulate cell turnover and aids in strengthening the cell membrane.

Radiant Glow Organic Face Mask – Beauty Awards 2018 shortlist


This is my most loved product, everything from the smell to the product itself, I am in love with.

The mask itself is blended with raw cacao powder and clay, it contains coconut granules which helps to buff and exfoliate the skin. The mask doesn’t dry down on the face once it has been applied but should be left for 5 minutes. When washing it off it turns into a milky consistency. The mask leave the skin smooth and noticably radient.

Since it is made from raw cacao powder, it smells like chocolate moose with a hint of vanilla – it does contain organic vanilla oil. This mask is not discriminatory to skin type and can be used on all skin types.


You can see from the image above that it looks like chocolate moose and has the same fluffy consistency with the exception of the coconut granules.

I use mine as a treat to my skin at the end of the week. It helps to wake my skin up, restores lost moisture and buffs the dead skin cells – prefect after a long week.

There are two sizes available: 60ml tub at £20.00 and a 30ml tub at £11.00. Honestly, forget wasting your money on the smaller tub , get the bigger one because you will love it so much after 1 use that you will want another tub.

Lip Treat – Beauty Award 2018 Shortlist 


This vegan lip balm isn’t like other lip balms I have tried. Most lip balms, I find  have a jelly like consistency to the touch and are sticky/ heavy on the lips.

The lip treat, however, has a shea butter consistancy to the touch and melts on contact with your finger but then on the lip its moisturising without being oily or heavy. It’s so strange and really hard to describe but it’s defiantly not like any other balm you will have used.

It has an amazing smell of oranges and taste like it as well, this is because it has organic essential oil of orange within it. It has been a God send to my dry lip during the winter months. I have had the 30ml (£10.00) tub since November 2017 and I use it before applying my liquid lip or on its own everyday. A little bit goes a long way.

Overall View 

I use this brand regularly, it is my go to skincare range and once my products are finished I will be buying replacements. It is definitely worth the money you spend, to achieve the skin that you want.

Please don’t just take my work for it, order a sample pack and try it for yourself.



Disclaimer: I was sent the full size product by Evolve Beauty but I am NOT sponsered to write this post.

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