PROMA Kit Launch Party x AbbieMayMUA

The one thing that I love about being a beauty blogger is attending events. To most people attending a networking event can be daunting, but I love them. I get to meet new people, brands and really put myself out there.

Launch parties are my favourite, I love being the first to see a new product, interacting with the creator and having the opportunity to buy the product first.

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Rouge Velvet: The Lipstick

I was so excited to be have been picked for this months Influenster Voxbox x Bourjois Paris. Its my first one and I think the box lived up to its social media hype. I was so grateful to receive this complementary box from Influenster.

The box itself contains 12 lipsticks by Bourjois Paris known as the Rouge Velvet Lipstick collection. The shade ranges from nude to darker red/browns, it is such a beautiful collection to receive. I also received the Bourjois Paris Miraculous Contour Universal Lip Liner and Primer, which I have never heard of and so was excited to try it.

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Dermacol Makeup Cover Foundation: Yay? or Nay?

Dermacol Makeup Cover foundation took social media by storm, everyone wanted to try the ‘worlds most full coverage and waterproof foundation’, but was it just a gemic? Instagram literally made me buy this foundation, but at the same time I too, really wanted to test the claims of this innovative foundation.

It claims that it can literally cover tattoos and skin pigmentation and it contains 50% pigmentation in that small tube. What intrigued me the most was the claims that it could cover dark circles, without the need to colour correct. I have extremely dark under eyes, which without colour correcting would look ashy under a concealer, so for me that would be the biggest test of all. Could this foundation really be that amazing that it would cover even my dark circles.

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#BlogCon London 

I might be new to blogging but the most exciting part of blogging is attending blogging events (is that just me?). I literally scope Eventbrite every week to see what events I can pop into my calendar. I am a total social butterfly.

When I saw Blogcon London (organised by Scarlett London) on Eventbrite  I had to go, I booked my ticket within minutes and it was in my social calendar in November 2016. Talk about excitement.

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#LashGang turned 1

I can not express the excitment I felt the day I got my invite to the #Lashgang birthday party. It was surreal. I had only just gotten over the fact I was a member.

For those of you that dont know the Lash Gang is the proud child of Nouveau Lashes (if you dont know who they are you’re living under a rock!), a group of beautiful and talented women from all backgrounds and professions.

I was literally jumping up and down with excitement on the weeks working up to the event. I had never been to a brand event before so it was even more special to me. I had even been nominated for the #Lashgang Awards in 2 categories, it was really a dream. We werent allowed to invite anyone outside the Gang so I decided to reach out to the other members on Twitter (chatty Kathy). Make thing less daunting.

I spoke to some really sweet and friendly women before hand, so approchable and easy to talk to; The Beauty Kingdom, Aminali_Mua , poawong1 and natters101 (these girls are literally blogger goals definately check them out!).

I choose to go High School Musical meets Glee with my outfit and Makeup and obviously a pair of Nouvesu Lashes in Volume Style 1 to complete the look (literally to die for).

Enroute to the benue I ran into some of the girls on the platform and we walked over together, where we were greeted by more Lash gang members and a photo booth!! Photo booths are bloggers heaven which meant I was in there first. I live for photo booths.

After getting our fill of the booth, we headed downstair to a spread which was literally picture heaven. The cute vintage cups adorned with cupcakes and sandwiches had me in a photography, snapchat and instastory twist. It was to beautiful to eat.

Before we could tuck into the goodies we played party games which brought me back to my childhood; pass the parcel filled with Nouveau and Emj goodies, followed by pinata which I never played before. After the poor unicorn was beheaded we indulged in it goodies, filled with a combo of sweets and lashes and then it was time for lunch.

Having picked up several sandwiches I was greeted by a huge screen with my face on it, playing my Halloween Tutorial!! Safe to say I was deeply touched, its a whole different sensation when your work is valued.

We engaged in some social banter after lunch, more photos with balloons and the beautful Beth and Em. Getting to hang out with Roxanne (The Beauty Kingdom) and Pao was the highlight of the day.

The awards were next, sadly it wasnt my year but being nominated was in itself special glorious.

It was time to go home! But no birthday party would be complete without goodie bags, filled with a cloth #lashgang bag, lashgang mirror, lashes (obvs) and an emj beauty bag and more. Score!!

I am still reeling from Saturday and want to say a massive Thank you to Beth, Em and Scott for being such amazing hosts and for giving me the honour of being a member of a group which is literally squad goals.

Till next time! Alway Know You’re Beautiful #AKYB



Top Tips and Tricks in Combating Dry Skin in the Winter 

During the winter, once the temperature drops and the humidity levels decline, the drying air leaves our skin feeling dehydrated, dry and in some cases itchy. I have suffered with dry skin all my life especially in the winter months, I find that I have to take extra steps to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated or I get quite itchy

Here are my top tips and tricks in combating dry skin in the winter months:

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Finding the Right Henna Artist for You’re Wedding

Planning an indian wedding is so different to planning an English wedding. The stress, I am sure is the same but the amount of work that goes into an indian wedding is on another level. I mean a good indian wedding lasts at least 3 days minimum, with family and friends attending each event working up to the wedding. That’s a lot of people in one house, 300 people at a wedding is considered a small indian wedding. Trust me!

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