Evolve Beauty: Organic, Vegan & Recycled!

I have discovered so much about what my skin likes and it tends to go for organic  products. I find that organic ranges are so much kinder to my skin.

The Evolve Beauty range of organic, vegan and cruelty free products is a discovery from a blogging event, which I have not regretted since picking up the samples. I started using this range as part of my bridal skin care routine.  This is not like any other skin care range that I have ever used or tested.

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Top Tips and Tricks in Combating Dry Skin in the Winter 

During the winter, once the temperature drops and the humidity levels decline, the drying air leaves our skin feeling dehydrated, dry and in some cases itchy. I have suffered with dry skin all my life especially in the winter months, I find that I have to take extra steps to keep my skin looking healthy and hydrated or I get quite itchy

Here are my top tips and tricks in combating dry skin in the winter months:

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