The Perfect Indian Bridal Makeup

My bridal look is one of my most loved looks that I have ever created and from the response I received on my social media and the polls, it was clear that you all loved this look as much as I did.

Here is how I created this look, including the products I used and my tip and tricks to the perfect Indian Bridal makeup.

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Getting the Perfect Bridal Skin

I have always known skincare was an important part of great makeup but until I decided I was doing my own wedding makeup I hadn’t implemented a strict skincare routine; tailored to my skincare issues and I didn’t really understand my skin.

It was important to me, as it would be to any bride, that my makeup looked flawless and in order to achieve that, my skin needed to be smooth and clear. Understanding the issues you have with your skin and what you want to achieve will help you to tailor a routine that will help create smooth, soft and healthy skin.

I am going to give you my tips and tricks and products that I use to get the skin I wanted and maintain it after the wedding.

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How I Lost Inches in 4 Weeks

When you are so used to being a size 6 all your life and then within 2/3 months you go from that to a size 14/16, that has a major affect on your confidence. That was the case for me.

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