About Me

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I have always been an outsider, I never really fit in. At school I was shy and distant and at home I am loud and proud. I was never able to conform to indian ideals or even the westerns ones. I was often told I was a unique (Unico) person, I did and said things others wouldn’t and so in the process of trying to come up with a ‘cool’ name for my blog my brother thought Unico (unique) would fit well.


Initially, I started out showcasing my makeup artistry skills on Instagram (being my main platform), to me pictures speak a thousand words. I started receiving messages asking what products I had used and if I thought it was good. People always told me that I had an opinion about everything. I believe my father always said ‘I had an answer for everything’ too.


In 2016 I made the decision to take my opinions and express them in writing, sharing my passion for makeup and beauty and my experiences as I get older and hopefully inspire others to try new things and create/ feel beautiful.

Though I started my blog in 2016, it is still new and developing. However, in 2017 Totally Uncio blog posts were featured on social media accounts for by TWOK London, Dermacol,  Liberty Hair Extensions and Nouveau Lashes UK, which has been such a honour being recognised and appreciated by brands I have reviewed.

If you are a business interested in collaborating or need more information about Totally Uncio, please contact me at: unicomua@yahoo.co.uk.

Happy Reading!

x Unico x